Terms & Conditions




By tendering material for shipment via KENTEC, the shipper agrees to the standard terms, conditions of carriage and service guide stated herein. No agent or employee of KENTEC or the shipper may alter or modify these terms, conditions and service guide.

  1. Shippers Obligations and Acknowledgements
    The Shipper warrants that each article in the Shipment is properly described in the Courier Waybill and has not been declared by KENTEC to be unacceptable for transport and that the Shipment is properly marked and addressed, securely packed to ensure safe transportation with ordinary care and attention.The Shipper warrants that all Shipments are fit to be stored and dispatched in the condition they are tendered to KENTEC, all Shipments are owned by the Shipper or the Shipper is an authorised agent of the owner, in which case the Shipper accepts these conditions on behalf of the owner.

    The Shipper understands and agrees that KENTEC may abandon and/or release any Shipment or part-shipment consigned to KENTEC by the Shipper, which KENTEC has declared to be unacceptable or which the Shipper has undervalued for Customs purposes, or wrongly described (whether intentionally or otherwise) without incurring any liability whatsoever and the Shipper will save, defend and hold KENTEC harmless from all claims, damages, fines and expenses arising thereafter.

    The Shipper shall be solely liable for all costs and expenses (WHICH SHALL INCLUDE BUT NOT BE LIMITED TO V.A.T., CUSTOMS DUTIES AND ANY SIMILAR TAXES OR IMPOSTS) related to the Shipment and for any costs or expenses incurred in returning the shipment to the Shipper or warehousing the shipment pending disposition.

    The Shipper understands and agrees that KENTEC is not a common carrier and that KENTEC reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse or abandon the carriage or transportation of any particular goods for any person, firm or company, and the carriage or transportation of any class of goods.

  2. Shipment Restrictions:
    – Maximum weight per piece is 30Kg.
    – Consignments will be measured and volume charged. No two dimensions must exceed 100cm.
    – The weight for billing will be calculated as actual or volumetric weight, whichever is greater.
    – Volumetric weight is calculated for International shipments as: W(cm)xD(cm)xH(cm) divided by 5000
    – Volumetric weight is calculated for UK shipments as: W(m)xD(m)xH(m) times 250
    – Weight rounding up: Any fraction over 500 grams will be rounded up to next half kilo.

  3. Unacceptable & Prohibited Shipments:
    Following items are unacceptable & prohibited shipments on our Courier Services:
    – Alcohol, Antiques, Ammunition, Bullion, Compressed Gasses, Currency, Dry Ice, Fresh Foods, Hazardous & Dangerous Goods, Human Remains, Ivory, Jewellery, Livestock, Negotiable Securities or Bonds, Perishable Items, Personal Effects, Plants, Pornographic Material, Precious Metals & Stones, Stamps, Tobacco, Travellers Cheques and Weapons.

  4. Security Measures:
    Security screening will be performed on all shipment, as required by the Department for Transport.

  5. Documentation Required:
    – Agent pre printed or Kentec Courier Waybills will be accepted.
    – Courier Waybills must clearly show the followings:
    — HAWB number
    — Number of pieces
    — Weight in kilo and grams.
    — Dimensions in cm, if applicable
    — Full delivery address, contact name & telephone numbers (Kentec cannot deliver to P O Boxes)
    — Full & accurate description of the goods and value, if applicable
    — Full name, address & telephone number of the shipper
    – Three (3) original commercial (signed) / Proforma invoices must be supplied for all dutiable non document shipments destined for outside of the EU
    – Shipments valued over £799.99 require a completed the NES (National Export System) export entry prior to shipping.
    – It is recommended that all document shipments over 10kg destined outside of the EU should have an original commercial / Proforma invoice to avoid delays in customs at both destinations.

  6. Collection Cut Off and Delivery Transit Times:
    Collection Cut Off time:
    – By KENTEC Courier driver collection by 15:00 hours for Kent collection area.
    – By Shipper dropping at KENTEC warehouse by 16:00 hours.
    Delivery Transit Times:
    – Please refer to our Courier Tariff.
    – Transit times are based on document traffic to gateway / major cities.
    – Day 1 refers to next day deliveries to gateway / major cities.
    – Shipments exported out on Thursday evening will be delivered on Monday.
    – Add extra 1 ~ 2 days for non document shipments.
    – Allow 1 ~ 4 extra days for out of area deliveries.
    – All transit times are based on the correct delivery address details being supplied to KENTEC and subject to customs clearance.

  7. Customs Formalities:
    All dutiable shipments are subject customs clearance, which can affect shipment delivery times.

  8. Right of Inspection of Shipment:
    KENTEC has the right to inspect any shipment, but it is not obligated to inspect. If it does inspect, it shall be entitled to open the shipment and examine any package therein. In that event KENTEC will exercise reasonable care, but shall not be liable for any damage to the shipment or any delay of the shipment due to this inspection.

  9. Lien on Goods Shipped:
    KENTEC shall have a lien on any goods shipped for all freight charges, customs duties, advances or other charges of any kind arising out of transport and may refuse to surrender possession of the goods until such charges are paid in full.

Invoicing and Credit Terms


  • All prices are in sterling pounds.
  • Tariff for weights over 10kg are rated per kg.
  • EU Countries are subject to the applicable standard VAT rate at that time.
  • Rates are for document and non document shipments. Non document shipments may be subject to surcharges for certain destinations (please refer to guide).
  • No Fuel Surcharge.
  • Add £6 for NES Export Customs Clearance Declaration for shipment value more than £799.99.
  • Add £12 for shipment value under £50 and £35 for shipment value over £50 for Delivered Duty Paid(DDP) Service charge.
  • Add £4 per shipment or change for address amendments charge.
  • Add £4 per shipment for KENTEC completing “Kentec Proforma Invoice”.
  • Add £6 per shipment for hard copy of proof of delivery (POD).
  • Rates are given up to 30kg. For shipments over 30 kg, please call our customer service section on 01892 530 472 for a special quotation and service options.
  • All invoice queries must be raised within 7 working days from the invoice date.
  • It is the receiver’s responsibility to pay any duties and taxes for dutiable shipments raised by Customs.

Credit Terms:

Credit terms are strictly 30 days.

  1. Claims and liabilities:-
    – If the shipper is dissatisfied with the service of KENTEC, the shipper must notify in writing within 14 working days from the shipment date for loss of the shipment or any alleged damage.
    – KENTEC reserve the right to decline to accept any claim not so notified.
    – In the absence of any such notification, the shipper is deemed to have accepted that the service has been provided satisfactorily.
    – In any event, KENTEC will be under no liability to accept any claim unless and until the shipper has paid all charge due for that shipment.
    – KENTEC shall not be liable in any event for consequential loss or damage to the shipment.
    – It is shipper’s responsibility to arrange for insurance for dutiable shipments.

  2. Warsaw Convention:-
    If the transportation of any shipment involves an ultimate destination or stop in a country other than the country of departure, the Warsaw Convention may be applicable and the convention governs, and in most cases further limits the liability of KENTEC in respect to loss or damage of such shipment.

  3. Proof of delivery (POD):-
    KENTEC will provide free of charge via email to the sender. Hard copy PODs can be supplied but subject to surcharge.

  4. Detailed Country Information:-
    Please visit www.kentecltd.co.uk